Our Story

It all started with a pig. My wife, Ivory, and I were inspired to start our own farm after she convinced me to read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. As a vegetarian, she was passionate about animal welfare and wanted me to understand the dark side of industrial meat production, and we both felt compelled to take action.

Together, we planted a garden and got a pig, which soon led to more animals and a newfound interest in regenerative agriculture. We devoured books by Joel Salatin and became enthralled with the idea of using our farm as a way to make a real positive impact on the environment.

Firefly Farms was born as a homestead in 2018, and we both learned the ropes of farming while raising broiler chickens. I also had the opportunity to work at Hodges Family Farm in Charlotte, where we both gained invaluable skills and a deep appreciation for the art of farming.

Eventually, I made the leap to farming full-time, and Ivory and I decided to get our own land at the end of 2022, where we can continue to grow our farm into something bigger and better together. Every day, we wake up excited to work the land and be stewards of nature's bounty.